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When 140 Characters Isn't Enough

Unless America can rebuild its manufacturing and create good paying jobs in this country, we might as well throw in the towel folks!  America became a SuperPower because of manufacturing and our politicians, in their foolishness and greed, allowed that very power to be sucked out of the country and shipped abroad!  If America is ever to come actually...if America is to survive, we need to start making "stuff" and selling it. Now I have no problem with globalization.  If you want to sell your product to poor Chinese, build a factory there to supply them.  But if you want to sell to Americans, make it in America!

So the solution is quite easy.  We just have to buy it and make it here.  But before we get too comfortable, let's look at what we have to deal with.  We still do have companies who for one reason or another have decided to stay in America. It is crucial that we not only support those companies but encourage their growth.  There success will be shared and it will encourage other companies to stay here or even move back.

Americans buying products from American Companies should be allowed to write off every penny they spend with those companies.  Yes, they will have to keep receipts and yes, the manufacturer will have to meet certain requirements to qualify but in the meantime, we increase those companies sales which allows them to grow creating lots of jobs for jobless Americans. 

Manufacturers will have to be able & ready to prove that their product meets the requirements.  And those requirements may need to be tweaked occasionally but we can start requiring that 80% of their product is comprised of raw materials and that it is a fully functioning, consumer-based product when finished.  We can expand on the allowable goods in the future as well and start to include subassemblies for other American products. 

The company must also be American owned and operated with people living in the U.S.  It can be a public (stockholder) owned company providing all members of the board are American.

I am anxious to hear suggestions and input from everyone regarding this proposal which I hope to present to my and several other representatives in the future.  We should all have realized by now that the current administration doesn't have a clue as to what it will take to fix America and as long as they are allowed to call the shots, we're in deep trouble. It's Time for Americans to Get Working Again! 

Please feel free to make comments to the above. I will incorporate them as I see fit.

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