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People that want the 'SHARIA LAW' in America should go back to their own country starting with Obama

Their is only one law in America And that's American law, anyone that wants the 'sharia law' should go back to their own country, starting with Barack Obama. Barack Obama is not an American, he's a citizen of Indonesia, from what I do know for a fact, Stanley Ann Dunham is not his mother, no one knows who Obama's real mother is, but what I do know she's not dead, and neither is his grandmother. The name (Stanley Ann Dunham) is an alias, also the man from Kenya was not his father, you see photo ops of Obama with these people, but never a video. These people were not his mother, father, grandfather, or grandmother.

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I don't know if Obama really is a citizen of Idonesia, but wouldn't it be great if he actually wasn't born in the USA so he was removed.
If it were confirmed that he was not a citizen and was removed from office, it would spark a race war that I secretly hope comes about.

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