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When 140 Characters Isn't Enough

We now have infighting due to extramarital affairs, nobody seems to be taking a real stance except Cheney who has no real credibility to me because he was so silent the whole time he had partial reigns. Where is the next wave of Republicans? We are the right, we cannot be a dying breed. I am not even Christian, but I dare not let anyone challenge the foundations that created the great country that allows me to peacefully and respectfully choose no religion. I volunteered for Military service, I cannot believe the limits that have been pushed while our side stands by not knowing what to do...

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As you can see by the complete disregard for all we believe 8 of our own members voted for the cap and trade.
We need STATESMEN, NOT Lawyers, PATRIOTS, Not Politicians, Men & Woman who know the code of right & wrong within them. Jim Kelly-PATRIOT FREEDOM
You are a dying breed and I am afraid that "political correctness" has put the death nail into all our coffins. The only thing left to do is fight till our last breath. No republican or independent in office has the "stones" to stand up to MSM! We are now regulated to the back pages of the internet in order to have our voices heard. It is truley a saaaad time that we are entering. My hopes and prayers are with all the like minded as me, but I fear our "cultrual horse" has already left the barn.


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