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December 2010 Blog Posts (5)

Important Cell Phone Information

1 (Emergency) # 112 Cell phone

The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile network and there is an Emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly, this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked.

2 (Locked Keys in Car)

Have you locked your keys in the car? Does your car have remote keyless entry? This may come in… Continue

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Promiscuous Sex or Smoking - which is more dangerous?

When it gets right down to it, some government leaders are poop spouting hypocrites.  Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services, is one of them.  Folds her hands like an angel while spouting about smoking, but puts her head in her armpit while spreading information about promiscuous sex.  New Age people know sex is a tranquilizer, keeping the mob mentally occupied so they can't act like adults where their community is concerned.  Here Marcia Segelstein exposes the hypocrisy. …


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'Tis the Season to Celebrate Jesus, Not Obama.

While minding my own business reading emails, I was included with numerous recipients receiving a holiday greeting email from a dear black relative. The email reminded us that the holidays are a great time to be “thankful for” the…


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The Quote of the Decade

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but

a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.

It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama

presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good

judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their


The problem is much deeper and far more serious

than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming

the prince of the… Continue

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1. At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.…


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