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Accountable? Nope!

On a campaign visit to Iowa in August, 2007, Senator Barack Obama pledged that, if elected as President, his administration would be the most transparent and accountable in history. We all know how transparent this administration has been: not at all! In fact, I’ve seen concrete clearer that this administration. How accountable has it been?

This weekend, I saw that a Colorado Veterans Hospital being built was a billion dollars over budget and the project was now going to cost $1.73…


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Congress' Vanishing Act!

At current, funding for the Department of Homeland Security is scheduled to end on Friday, just three days from now. The sticking point in funding DHS rests with the Executive Order basically granting amnesty to anywhere from  5 million to 10 million illegal immigrants. Conservatives want to defund those actions before funding the agency; liberals want all or nothing on funding, plus placing of blame on Republicans for a possible shutdown. Fear not, though; within 36 hours, the Republican…


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Money Down The Rat Hole

   Apparently, the US Government has misinterpreted the news that tax revenues are the highest they have ever been to mean there is a huge surplus of money in need of spending. You can’t look at any news source without seeing someone asking for money. Comprehensive bills are in various stages throughout Congress. Uncle Sam must be positively flush with money. Then you look at the National Debt Clock and see the $17.6 trillion debt rocketing upward. To put that into perspective, that works…


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Obama Disses The Military

   The administration has decided that, with the end of the military’s mission in Afghanistan, we no longer need a capable armed force.  A year and a half ago, it was ” Bin Ladin is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run”, so obviously, there are  no terrorist threats in the world today. In Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai has solved all the problems of the region to the point that they no longer require any military assistance. The Olympics are over and all the world is at peace!

   Therefore, the…


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FCC Attacks Free Press

   The Federal Communication Commission wants to launch a study called the “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs”. The FCC wants to determine what news stories get chosen for airing and how they are chosen. To find the answers to these questions, they want to put monitors in local TV and radio newsrooms. Does this sound harmless to you? Maybe, until you realize that places government officials in the radio and television stations many of you watch. Maybe it sounds harmless, until…


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Obamanomics of Leisure

 I have a bumper sticker on my truck that says “American Pride”. Actually, it’s not on my truck’s bumper, but on the toolbox. This is the toolbox in which I carry my tools from one job site to another. For the most part, I enjoy what I do, but, there are some days that are tougher than others. Regardless of whether or not it was a good job or a tough job, ultimately, I have pride in the job I’ve done.

   This feeling may soon become a thing of the past. Last week, the Congressional…


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Veterans Get Another Slap In The Face!

   Shortly before Congress left for its Christmas break, Paul Ryan (R-Wi) and Patty Murray(D-Wa)  unveiled their budget deal for the next two years. It was a bad deal for many reasons, but one of the worst reasons was the fact that one of the funding mechanisms for the bill was a cut in the cost of living adjustment of veterans, including those of disabled veterans. This provision was to increase revenues some six billion dollars. Once this was pointed out, both Ryan and Murray claimed that…


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And The Beatdown Goes On

   Three years ago, Nancy Pelosi said that we had to pass the bill to see what was in it. Well, those who weren’t paying attention back then are now finding out why we had to pass the law first, before the people could find out what terrible things were in the bill. Many of us knew what was to become of the best healthcare in the world and were ignored or worse. To paraphrase Barack Hussein Obama’s pastor, the chickens are coming home to roost.

   We were told by every Democrat that…


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An Abusive Executive

   Last Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the President’s Constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws, as laid out in the US Constitution in Article II, Section 3. The speakers for the hearing were, Michael Cannon, a director for health policy affairs at the Cato Institute and Jonathon Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Together, they blasted the President’s execution of Obamacare, or, more accurately, his…


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