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When 140 Characters Isn't Enough

For the good of the Country as a whole you must understand, with great respect, what has been occuring, who is preparing you and why. Our great Nation has been crumbling beneath our tired feet, rapidly becoming quick sand, leaving freedom loving Americans scavenging for answers to find the solutions they so desperately deserve.

      From sea to shining sea a strong sense of injustice burns the nostrils of all Americans. A foreign feeling of desperation courses threw their vein's. There is an abundance of entitlement behaviors bringing forth thievery and oppression among the masses. A constant litany of inflammatory rhetoric spews senselessly from our government as it seeks more control, wealth and power. There is a broken unity amoung all fellow citizens who long for their life, liberty, and opportunity to pursue their own happiness.

      We all sense in our hearts something is deeply wrong. There is a thick atmosphere suffused with lies and falsehoods. It is as if we all accidentally plummeted down the rabbit hole with Alice and now we must, somehow, claw our way through a sticky liberal Wonderland of their selfish special interest laced with depression and a foul smelling black hole of debt with endlessly increasing unrest.

      True Conservative Republicans campaign on the backs of the Constitution understanding human nature is less then perfect, that natural equal opportunity is found within our Constitution and Bill of Rights, that giving power to foreign Nations, as in our National Debt, will bring unjust Wars upon the United States. They understand, under human nature, how other Nations will primarily generate war whenever they have an expectation of acquisition for their endeavor. That human nature can be vengeful, aggressive, and greedy. History has shown how momentary cravings and immediate interest more often then not intently have control over human behavior then the general discussion of policy, unison, and justice. Liberal anti-Americans will claim they love the Constitution with a silent loathing for your audacity to advocate on its behalf.

      Republicanism is supposed to be viewed as a governmental political process as ethical and in need of compliance rather than as selfish and in compulsion of regulation. Democrats and liberal Republicans firmly and unjustly believe the Constitutions Republicansim was intended to institutionalize a regime of diversity in which political interests compete against one another and the law is the consequence of the competition. They will advance this point until the whole Country is brainwashed. They believe the American government should accumulate citizens and Representatives may leverage through bargaining maneuvers like compromise, lobbing, benefit restitutions, and other unseemly special interests which only benefit specific citizens and wealthy advantages. Through a Democratic authoritative state the dualism model of embodiment has become the norm allowing government to grow enormously and with an unprecedented virosity not intended by our Founders.

      There was a time, at Americas birth, where men and women also felt severely neglected. They lived under powerful socialism and tyranny, willing to risk their very existence to exercise their God given right to free will. They heard of a brand new far away land existing without a tyrannical King and socialist monarchy rule. Once discovered, their weary souls began to breath once again. Their exhausted eyes lit up with insurmountable optimism. It was an uncharted territory alien to the generational tyranny of government they loathed so passionately. Our Founding Fathers set forth in their glorious aspiration of creating the most desirable Country. A place where all could call their own when the rest of the world mercilessly discarded them. Americas Statue of Liberty profoundly states, "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, the temptest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

      Our Founders began to create a foundation of principles called the Constitution of the United States of America which is a social contract that required the consent of the people on account of their horrible experiences with European tyranny. The Founders desired to establish that all just powers be drawn from permission of the people. That the government must have a firm foundation empowering individual liberty. A document created for the people by the people. A Country developed from innovation, exploration, and unlimited possibilities.

      In order to flip this liberal socialist experiment on it's ugly head, creating a better America then the one you have struggled through, all Americans should protect the honor, not limited to, the human race. Americans should scorn to be the instruments of European, as well as other Countries, artificial greatness. Americans must tirelessly pursue their own importance.

      As a new Country was born, baring the scars of the past, we declared our independence from a tyrannical King and thereby made perfectly clear to the world that a Constitutional Republicanism government, a government by consent, is the only just and fair form of government. Old-fashioned Republicanism of Italy and Greece that continuously alternated between the extremes of tyranny and anarchy with short periods of political calm, which still exist today, are overwhelmed by waves of sedition and party rage with their adoptive socialist state of cradle to grave entitlement dependence. Their vices of government pervert the direction and tarnish the brilliance of their brightest talents. The philosophies of Plato and Aristotle flourished not because of their Country but in spite of it. America had corrected this defect with the Constitution but in neglecting our foundation, creeping socialist policies and relentless entitlement state, sedition and party rage has descended upon American soil. The Constitution was created for setting up conditions in which the talented and gifted could flourish.

      Old-fashioned Republicanism had a very pathetic history, lapsing into what a "liberal" democracy of tyranny with oppression experiences today. It is up to all Americans to vindicate the definition of Republicanism and banish a liberal socialist ideology for the common welfare of the whole. Our Founders believed in a Republican State that is adaptable with the genius of the American people using the underlying principles of the Revolution, and with honorable perseverance which energizes every believer of freedom to rest all our political observations on the capacity of mankind for self-government. The Democrats and liberal Republicans have stolen the Constitution amongst the shadows of the darkness under cover of "American imperialism" and evil Capitalism while reaping rewards from that which they demonize. The sturdy wrists of our once great Nation are sliced agape by the tyrannical socialist of the world, deliberately bleeding us dry, longing to heave our vapid, penniless bodies within their massively regulated shallow graves, never to be considered again!

      During the Founders creation of our unique system of government they comprehended that, even thou the Articles of Confederation were freely chosen by the people, the Articles alone were not compatible with a free government. A free people always requires the freedom to choose wisely, therefore vindicating American honor. It is in only selecting good government and selecting the Constitution over the Articles of Confederation that America demonstrated how men and women are capable of being governed by their reflection and choice rather by chance and by dominance. In ratifying the Constitution we displayed to the world that our society of men and women are capable of establishing a ethical government from contemplation and choice, not forever destined to depend on our political Constitutions on mishap and by demand. The Democrats and liberal Republicans constant rejection of the Constitution is, indeed, a misfortune for America and all of mankind.

      The Founders first hand knowledge of what liberal human nature could do to a Country caused them to warn, time and again, within their letters and documents as to why following a Constitutional Republic will keep a Country united and enduring. That a small, well controlled, government will bloom an abundance of opportunity with morally selfless liberty. A fair order of blind justice rooted in Constitutional Republicanism is justice for all, not liberal justice for special interest and bleeding hearts. Our Founders firmly believed that cultivating a sense of American identity or patriotism made patriots. An Americasn confederacy and Constitution has sustained citizenship along with social effervescence.

      Our Founders conceptualized one connected Country with one united people with individual liberty for all. They would see people who have descended from different ancestors, but speaking the same language, as they practiced freedom of religion without government interference, and agreeing to the same principles of government, while fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody Revolutionary War that nobly established their liberty and independence. This war was judged as just because it was fought for political moral principles, for equal justice for all and equal recognition of Universal Natural Rights. This began a lineage of blood which flowed through the vein's of all American citizens, a mingling of blood which was shed in defense of their sacred rights for religious and cultural unity.

      The American Civil War consisted of different nationalities fighting gallantly along side African Americans, mingling blood for justice and civil rights for all against the nirvana as to the unity and brotherhood of the brave soldiers who lost their lives on the battlefield. This history is now being erased leaving a bitter taste forcing their deaths to have been in vein. For them to be repeatedly forgotten in a racist Democratic thick atmosphere on both sides, unwilling to allow their brave souls to rest. It is a disgrace tainting America. The Democrats and liberal Republicans have perverted Black history so profoundly that a majority of African Americans ignorantly believe in voting in favor of a Democrat, despite the specific individuals shortcomings and un reliable character, is generational, and not fully understanding why their ancestors would consider that appalling. Their descendents can not comprehend the torment and adversity the Southern States and Democratic Party forced upon their lives for centuries. Our Founders believed in a basis for  American Constitutionalism, not a liberal ideology of a social compact theory of a Constitutional Union.


      Americans relied on their own good sense, the knowledge of their own situations and the hard lessons of their experiences. They accomplished a revolution which has no akin in the history of human society. To allow the Democrat and liberla Republican Parties to bare down European socialist rule upon America would be a spit in the eye of every American descendant. If we allow this we will forever be a Nation of coward sheep, reluctant to fight the savagely unrelenting wolves for American Constitutional Liberties.

      A Constitutional union and a consistent concept of citizenship is intended to advocate American nationalism, removed from any forms of sectarian national distinctiveness representing past Republic and other exceedingly bigoted regimes. The Democrats and liberal Republicans would impel you to regard American nationalism as dangerous while equating you to Hitler. It's imperative they counter your patriotism for fear of the loosening possession of their socialist utopia. Patriots will never go silently into the gloaming darkness, grasping every attempt to obstruct the leftist forces from achieving their socialist propaganda indoctination.

      Republicanism of the Constitution is designed to safeguard private rights and universal welfare. When it comes to Republicanism, despite economic attractions and cravings, the ambition of any responsible government under the Constitution is to inspire political choice by rationality. It is the rationality alone of the public which is necessary to control and regulate the government. Collectivities developes public disharmony and is more burdensome to regulate then the individual. Often members of groups suffer from the uttermost stubborn conditions. Constitutional Republicans maintain that governments are established because the cravings of men will not by any means reconcile to the rule of understanding and justice without a diffinative deterrent.

     Humans in groups of collective organisms always excerise "sovereign power."  They gaze infuriatedly at all attempts to restrain or advise their crusades. They cherish power and it's imperative to have a common enemy, they hunger to believe it is trying to control them. When people are affiliated to a large group they operate with less integrity and fairness then as they would as individuals. As a group entity they do not treasure their own reputation, they are more inclined to follow the crowd into unseemly immoral behaviors and debauchery than they would otherwise participate in solo. If individuals act unseemly or immoral mutually they feel permitted to commit transgressions they would otherwise not commit independently.  

      With collective salvation, which does not hold each individual morally accountable for their own choices, combines together all human sin and righteousness, granting individuals the opportunity to operate irresponsibly within their own moral judgement. Collective bargaining also encourages individuals within a public union groups to demand their personal desires through manipulation, threat, intimidation, and bulling. They operate as though they deserve taxpayer funded pensions and lavish golden health care plans. The group is not forced to operate morally or rationally as they would individually upon internal reflection at the economic anguish they inevitably cause with their egocentric greed. Republicanism checks these collective operations moderating their absence of reponsibility.

      Democrats and liberal Republicans refuse to comprehend the rule of law that required all laws to be created for the public welfare and germane to all as in limited government. They believe the rule of law must benefit specific groups, fundamentally being transformed into unlimited government. They foster their specific inerest, pursuing, and excluding the universal interest of the Country as a whole. Television programs specifically Latino and African American channels have excluded other races and nationalities. Newspapers pose excessively liberal journalists focusing on their own personal philosophies they slant biasly believing to be paramount according to their special interest groups furthering their socialist agendas. Liberal news organizations as in CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC collectivily select what propaganda to promote, bestowing endless cover upon the Democratic and liberal Republican politicians. They personally attack and bully conservatives vehemently continually viewing them as rivals to their security.

      The American government has been turned into one giant liberalism interest-group. One who governs with no distinction between the political process and the inner owrkings of the government itself. The reality of a Constitutional Republicanism is to solely be controlled and regulated by the people. Republicanism would be refined through our embodiment of both the foundational structure of the government and the enhanced attributes of our elected officials which would raise political prudence and that which the Constitution would respect the individuals competence to choose while concurrently advocating the principles of respectable government. A good government which would polish and amplify the public views by passing them through patrons who distinguish the true interest of the Country and would less likely, because of theor patriotism and adoration of justice, desire to forgo the universal health of the whole Country for temporary gain. When citizens bring forth a referendum ballot for a vote only to have their votes overturned by a liberal judge for their special interest suppresses the Constitution of a free citizens right of choice and liberties. The abandoning of these standard Constitutional guidelines in favor of communal dissection on what the law "should" be has debased the government, as well as the rest of the Country.

      Democrats and liberal Republicans ignore the Constitutions basic set up of what authorizes Federal powers and what authorizes local and State powers. They govern between the allegiance of self and their own opinions on religion, race, wealth, and morality regarding government. They thrive on social unrest to stay in power. They point out the most foolish and imaginary situations to create competitive resentment from their voters. They create conflict and incite violent inclinations in one another. They use class warfare pointing out unequal sharing of property, even if the disadvantaged person did not work hard for it, as they play off emotions throwing aside any prospects you will actually use your intelligence bringing forth basic human nature of jealousy. Democats and liberal Republicans passionately plead their case against their definition of the unfairness within your life and how you deserve everything. When they ignore all the integrity and reasoning of the Constitution the public votes with their selish cravings towards pride, hatred, egotism, and jealousy without regards for their neighbors barring any moral awareness or consideration as to the rights of others causing increased animosity among the masses. This narrow interpretation of the Constitution, pressures you to conclude it's an out dated decrepit old impaired piece of paper, and into a liberal socialist state of chaos and violence with unrelenting clashes of particular interests arranging never ending claims on the public greenbacks. Democrats and liberal Republicans constantly pursue your plight as a citizen under the Constitution. They understand a continual whirl of injustice will bring forth the end of our Constitutional government and the end to civil society. As the pursuit continues American liberties will be sacrificed. Socialist propaganda will reform the Constitution with moral and community renovation, reducing America to national humiliation, with wounded prides and belittled character of a once great independent Nation.

      When Constitutional Republicans determine not to appoint a liberal Judge it is without discrimination but with concern for additional damage to the Country. They understand liberal Judges desire to legislate from the bench tossing blind justice threw the window with no regards to discrimination by human insecurities and flaws operating selfishly upon their own personal sense of right and wrong. They favor a single circumstance over another applying their flawed moral compass. As in Roe v. Wade the situation of the mother is now considered more valuable then that of the innocents babies right to life, additionally disregarding the parental rights of the father. Supreme Court Judges legislated from the bench creating a new law assisting, now with taxpayer funding, women dismembering their innocent unborn baby without the fathers consent. In the past liberal Judges of our courts interpreted the Voting Rights Act as a right for minorities to "elect their candidates of choice" with a claim towards racial Politicians. They believed that members of Congress elected from racially arranged appointive districts, authorized by the Voting Rights Act, would operate on the common wealth of racial factions. In turn they separated their citizens upon race inflaming segregation causing certain members of Congress to only operate on behalf of special interests rather on behalf of the general welfare of 'all' citizens. Many more examples could be presented though out history with enough juncture.

      Constitutional Republicans understand that changing laws often creates instability. Also the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary in similar hands, may just be proclaimed as the very definition of tyranny. Our powers of government must be properly separated if tyranny from one party is not to occur. The legislative branch is the most popular because it is neighboring to the people. As ObamaCare and the legality of the citizens mandate to purchase health insurance compels its way threw the court system the passing of a forced citizen purchase will perpetually alter the Constitutional provisions, disturbing public serenity and individual rights, unleashing public cravings in hotly challenged disputes over proper separation of powers. The Judiciary branch must, therefor, be limited to those Judges who best secure qualifications of excellence and liberty over flawed equality. Equality within the American Health Care system is not a right, its a privilege, a commodity. The government can not regulate human caring and decentcy. Democrats and liberal Republicans argue the point on behalf of who they deem as poor, unable to afford health insurance unless the whole Country is mandated by law to pay also. Americans fail to realize why the government already implemented Medicaid, forced taxpayer funded health insurance for the poor and lower middle class.

      Unlike politicians Federal Judges are not elected for terms, they are appointed for life by our politcians whether they had ever served on the bench within their career. They must be motivated by their devotion to the Constitutional principles rather than their vulgar intent of creating equality among themselves. They must act within their Constitutional margins protecting individual rights from the trespasses of separate political branch's of government. The Judiciary branch must maintain neutrality on questions of the Constitution, never endangering the general liberties of the people. But they have been continuously dipping their hands into how prisons and schools must be managed, how taxpayer funding should be allocated for those public institutions. Time and again Judges exceed the boundaries of their authority to legislate from the bench dangerously evolving into the maximum super power undermining Americans personal liberties under the Constitution.

      Democrats and liberal Republicans are hostile concerning the principles of liberty jeopardizing America and its Constitution, accumulating Federal political power and destroying Americas structure of government. The Federal government continues to expand auspiciously infringing on a blended Republic with double security to the rights of the people from separation of power between the State and Federal government. A large Federal American government incorporates many economic and social interest, as well as religious aspects, resulting in only guarding one part of society against the resulting injustice belonging to the other behalf. Without following the Constitution the State government operates by petty self interest elitist groups, equally as overbearing as the Federal government. They view the Constitution as a animated existent document reducing America to a confederate refuge of mainly a peasant Republic with limited industry and liberties. They fail to identify the American audacious spirit which defines the commercial character of America. Forced government regulations and high corporate income taxes has severely stifled the Americans spirit and suppressed innovation. The Constitution is constantly under assault forever changing course molding around flawed human opinions fundamentally ignoring the real intent of the Constitution, producing an irrational government fraught with wavering liberties.

      Constitutional Republicans understand the Federal government must limit it's powers, not insisting on advancing more controls suppressing our liberties. They are willing to battle for our personal freedoms aiming to obstruct Democrats and liberal Republicans from creating countless impoverished conditional voters, taking every opportunity to pick pocket Americas hard workers, driving job creating corporations from our shores as they blame others in society. Our Constitutional Republicanism government was not set up so special interest groups and immoral individuals could steal elections only to selfishly serve themselves and their organizations. Americas political system was set up with separation of powers, checks and balances for a reason. Republicanism is politics by Constitutional principles not by liberal political interest such as Social Security, disability insurance, welfare, unemployment insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, public unions, and George Soros "open society" which funnels tax payer funds into the Democratic Party catering to their special interest groups while others are forced to pick up the tab.

      With Democrats and liberal Republicans constantly pressuring for higher taxes, their ruling desire have denied the interest of both the public well-being and the rights of all citizens. The Constitution was created to secure the public prosperity and private rights against socialist liberal dangerous policies. The Framers of the Constitution understood how absurd it was to embody all classes and all interests in society because it was impractical and completely unnecessary. The aspiration of the government was limited to commerce, finance, military affairs, and treaties that are for habitual well-being of the Country not any special interest organization.

      George Soros' "open society" has weaved their objective to advance socialist anti-American policies meticulously through out the United States justice system for decades. They created and supported tax payer funded organizations such as The Huffington Post, ACORN, UAW, Working Family's Party, ACLU, UNITE,, SEIU, AFSCME, CWA, and the AFL-CIO hand picking their special interest puppets for the Democratic and liberal Republican Partys. They "cross-endorsed" candidates with multiple party's. As when Hillary Clinton ran for Senate of new York in 2000. With help of Soros she "cross-endorsed" her campaign by running on both the Democratic ticket and the Working Family's Party ticket enabling her outcome more favorably and won. The Working Family's Party has also spread to Connecticut, South Dakota, Utah, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Mississippi, South Carolina and Vermont. The socialist left successfully point their scattered Partys amoung attractive names with full knowledge you doubtfully fathom negativity on their supposedly humble political organizations and partys like the Working Family's Party, most Americans do not comprehend the clues.

      The left effectively unseated a Republican in a heavily Republican 26th Congressional District in North-West New York applying the Soros tried and true method of "smoke and mirrors," hand picking a puppet candidate to run against both the Republican and Democrat candidates, selfishly exploiting the Constitutional freedom agenda of the Tea Party. Soros funded the fake Tea Party candidate siphoning off votes from the Republican Party, under cover of Medicare, with help from the left wing media, creating enough room for the leftist Democrat puppet to squeak by unnoticed.

      Our Founders firmly believed the government itself is but the greatest of all criticism on human nature, that if humans were Angles then no government would be necessary. That liberalism alone would create chaos accompanied by despair. They believed that both the government and the citizens had to be advised. Today our government is out of control providing ample room for tyranny to reign. The Democrats and liberal Republicans acknowledge, through socialist policies, that Americans allowed by choice to learn the Founding Fathers fundamental principles would severly hinder their objectives in shoving socialist utopian ideas pressuring Americans.

      With the government take over of American public school system in 1979 in creating the Board of Education they systematically eroded young American minds by implementing teachers union to fund their leftist socialist indoctrination. They amass wealth off the backs of failing schools without any form of real accountability and transparency. The Democrats and liberal Republicans are extracting taught principles of Americas very own Constitution and its history. They will stop for nothing to fundamentally transdorm every child's beliefs on how they should view the world. Children learning about American patriotism simplified by the New Constitutional Republicanism or even citizenship is very dangerous for the left.

       History has authenticated to the Founders that the lowest point of European politics had been consolidated by scenes of brutal religious warfare, like in today's Middle East, Al Qaeda and the Muslims Brotherhood, in which cravings of pride and hatred had been unleashed in the names of religious and ethnic bigotry. Muslim Men noticeably ruled under cover of religion believing their gender somehow made them smarter and superior enacting Sharia Law suppressing women's liberties all over the globe. Democrats and liberal Republican men divide men naturally by their selfish cravings and unite them artificially by waving American strength like a flag using their economic plight as leverage.

      With Judeo-Christian heritage under siege from the left we see neighboring Countries acting under the impulses of opposite interests and unfriendly passions, often taking different sides. But as Americas first true Republican President so passionately stated, "A divided Country can not stand, " so with that a glaring light shines upon the ultimate goal of the rapidly growing number of anti-American socialist liberal Republicans and Democrats agenda. Any blood ties Americans share continues to be broken by disunion from conflicting ambitions, interest and selfish cravings. A culture of religion bashing has reared its beastly head for over 60 years here in American fueled by the ACLU, leftist, atheist, all of George Soros foundations, socialist, Democrats and liberal Republicans continually bombard the American legal system applying an immense amount of stain on Americans religious values and their freedom of religion with our Bill of Rights. Never taking into account principles over its culture and the perversion that has ensued.

      The leftist in America would have you believe their intentions  are pure of heart however with their continual disembowelment of our Constitutional freedoms anyone who maintains that the United States divided into special interest categories would not be seized by frequent violent chaotic contest must be far too gone in utopian socialist supposition. Only the Revolutionary principles on which the Constitution is based can Americans sustain its independence and remain united. Our unique Constitutionality, shared political principle's and sacred rights set America apart from all other Countries. Our Founders understood ethnoracial bloodline's or ties to religion were not a real basis of a Constitutional union. Approval of the American people is the solid basis of the United States.

      In 1787, America had been deliberately weakened in self defence, dangerously surrounded by all sides, and covertly infiltrated from within. Today systematically removing the pledge of alligence as well as our National Anthem is no mere contingency. Liberals fully comprehend a weakened America militia would embolden other hostile Countries to stike, emboldening their ultimate goal of everyone existing precisely equally without any individual liberties to explore self. Our Founders fully concluded that a healthy adequate National Defense is required for America to survive in the modern World. They conceded war is a technique to be attained and frequently refined by diligence, perserverance, time, and practice. America required the development of military techniques. America desired the Constitutional means to provide finance by public appropriations. It was an essential tool for their modern political economy which has provided profound abundance of wealth for today's strategy of modern warfare.

      The New Constitutional union created greater security for themselves as well as the American people, persuading our Founders to include National Security within our Constitution, which the left and extreme far right has actively campaigned against for over a century. Our Founders understood the combination of European jealousy and their determined desire to handicap American growth. Then under a natural strength and the resources of our glorious Country, sheparded by a common patriotic interest, we would astonish them and set forth a steadfast course which would promote consolidation and American pride. As Hamilton believed, adopting the Constitution would cultivate a government that originates in reflective and reliable liberty.

      No Country has a right to exist but they do possess the right to stand strong and defend themselves. Its only with our Founding Fathers Declaration of independence, Constitution, Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights, the Federalist papers and the Ratifiers Convention that America can truly survive. The special interest groups like PETA, Environmentalist, Socialist organizations, public and private unions constantly seek to displace and destroy all America. They would replace our Constitution with their flimsy agenda blaming humanity and their liberties. We are inconsequential obstacles standing in the way of their perfect liberalism utopia.

      Developed State Affirmative Action programs since the 60's and 70's have dominated the special-interest politics within our Federal and State government undermining both the notion of America unification and a common American citizenship. Democrats and liberal Republicans prefer to relinquish half of American land over the Mexican government, in so, creating more opportunity to divide an ever increasingly segregated Country. The Founders of the Constitution understood that a minority unit could be subdued in a popular rational government through elections and the majority unit could not. Democrats and liberal Republicans have ultimately one mission for the Country, to keep their powerful seats indefinitely as a political actor. They choose men from among themselves and who are entirely equivalent to themselves, continuously expanding government powers, appointing friends to powerful seats among the EPA, ATF, FDA, DOJ, FBI, ICE and CIA thereby gaining more domination.

      The Constitution has promoted innovation, enterprise, responsibility, technological, and military vitality. The Constitution  conditioned America to provide security while at the same time creating a charismatic Republic promoting those conditions essential for the flourishing of individual and political liberties. American citizenship was raised above the arrogant and conflicting differences of religion, race, and creeds. The Democrats famous tactic in modern political warfare of class division is based on disproportion of wealth, commonly understood as "class warfare" which drives an imaginary wedge deeper into the American economy selfishly. While they distinguish themselves as the Party for the "poor", they steal from one to give to another while siphoning a huge piece off the top for themselves; though they barely, if ever, donate their wealth to charities and are not subjected to their own socialist rules. Their wealth is exceedingly high as to be a ruling class, unlike the incessantly increasing poor subjects they claim to cherish beneath them.

      The Democrats and liberal Republicans despise the Constitution and seek to apply international law to all American domestic policies, showing their irrelevance with its own principles. This creats foreign dangers with civil discord certain to arise between the States, of tyranny and internal coalitions. Handing over Americas debt to foreign nations flouting the 14th Amendment. Democrats and liberal Republicans believe in the age old behavioral social science and look at men as a simple incentive reactive instrument bent on expanding their superiority, believing men do not completely understand what their honest interest are and they are habitually blinded to them by their immediate desires and cravings. They believe in equal division of property "rights", whether you have worked for it or not, redistributing wealth but not theirs, as like in other very poor Countries, cheapening the necessity of responsible self-government, the value of hard work, our fundamental rights of property and of a Constitutional moral order of high politics and protection of moral principles.

      Democrats and liberal Republicans understand that commercial development is the necessary precondition for the origination of wealth making civilized life possible. It advocated equality of opportunity, giving all, including the poor, the choice to advance socially as well as economically. It aids industry and encourages all to work hard avoiding lethargy. They have worked tirelessly at dismantling this Constitutional design creating chaos and discord among individal citizens, seeking to distort property interest as rational interest impairing the fundamentals of your suppport for your life and liberty.

      Our Founders wanted a unique form of governement with no 'intimidating' capacity to apply a "sanction or a "penalty upon its citizens. They leave to the States ah excessive and durable jurisdiction over their own laws, limiting the powers of the Federal government. Liberal Judges who uphold ObamaCare completely striped individual States rights. Enormous public union power brings enormous restrictions forced upon each Sates, shifting authority to the union bosses working simultaneously with the Federal government. The incumbent State officials do not feel the need to execute their responsibilites well to retain the compassion of their citizens. They play political games. The principle of competition no longer exist because their citizens confidence is skewered into liberal rhetoric laced with special interest agendas.

      The liberal European socialist state has been imposed on America through out the Country by short sighted Democrats and liberal Republican elite threatening Americans natural rights and traditions. Today the 17th Amendment had reduced the local State government to a Federal regulatory State, allowing the Federal government more control over each State sovereignty. In the 30's the Supreme Counrt, hand selected by progressive Democratic President F.D.R, handed Congress more power over the States under the Commerce Clause and Necessary and Proper Clause to regulate rights normally left up to the Sates under the Constitution under separation of powers. Socially engineering the economy, keeping a firm grip on their control of the Media language enabling them to manipulate the content and messaging effectively fashioning their mindless voting puppets. They produce an overwhelming abundance of socialist propaganda which continually categorizes citizens in to poor constructed boxes.

      We are but a silly little pawns mixed up in their sick game of social chess, carefully maneuvering each piece so as to accomplish their end results to open boarders, a completely shredded Constitution which will then only exist within American history amnesia. We are undergoing fundamental transformation from individual liberties to rich elite government ruling of the poor and disenfranchised. The "change" transforming Americais also destroying America perpetually altering the consent of the people to no tangible choice again. A socialist Revolution has risen up and instituted itself in the United States. A passivity-entitlement-American-public mindlessly follow an elite group of wolves who seek to devour all free thinking people, forcing your soul to surrender under their manipulative oppressive laws and regulations.

      America's all about individual liberties not forced collective government limited liberties where injustice reigns and the disenfranchised mount. The old, the sick, and the poor do not have the civil right to your money. America is supposed to be a  simple government predicated on common sense with the common good. Are your representatives upholding the Constitution when they pass new oppressive regulations distributing more control to union bosses undermining free market business and workers? Does your Representative operate as "rent seekers" for special citizens interest? Do they take into account the general welfare of all his/her constituents? Is your representative a glorified lobbyist for his/her special interest environmentalists, abortionists, Islamic terrorist, and public unions while continuously raising your taxes funding some while disgregarding the whole? Do you consider it delightful how 51% of American citizens are not required to pay their fair share of income tax despite profiting off the backs of the upper and middle-class and freely receiving housing assistance, food stamps, cash assistance, free tax payer funded cell phones, welfare, energy assistance , disability, and free health insurance? Did Madison not emphasize effectively enough in the Federalist papers as well as his 1785 letter to Thomas Jefferson in which he berated members of the Continental Congress for acting like 'advocates for respective interest of their constituents?"

      Descendants of the Americans who strived for a new and more noble course will be held accountable for the custody of diverse innovations displayed on the American sphere in benefit of private rights and public happiness. Today a leftist socialst monarch seeks to destroy American innovation by forced complicated rules and massive regulations. Banning all light bulbs except for specific fluorescent bulbs effectively continues to destroy the free market of choice. GE, the CEO who works in the Obama administration, is in bed with the government abolish the competition paving their way to more easy wealth. The leftist agenda of over regulating enshrouds countless government intrusions and socialist philanthropy, weeding out our choice with the free market.

      Modern Liberalism is a severely handicapped ideology swirling around special interest with hopes of regulating America back into the dark ages. Liberals regularly follow any organization they perceive fights for their definition of special interest freedoms. They ignore the organization turbulent background with extreme radicals imposing their agendas on society. They learn to target our impressionable youth, brainwashing them into performing the organizations deceitful work. If anyone genuinely maintains that liberalism is predicated on freedom they completely ignore the reality of the drastic dogma liberals have adopted over decades with powerful influential devout socialist and communist parties who effectively hijacked the whole liberal based ideology.

      Politics is not just a game played only by the elites, it is entwined within your life. Your world is affected around what rules and regulations they inflict upon you, effectively fencing you in. They forget you're not a dim-witted child to be punished in the corner, you are an American with free individual liberties with full capabilities as to your God given talents. Our independence depends exceedingly on what the politicians choose to allow us. A corrupt individual politician will implement harmful policies, in turn an ethical individual politician will possess admirable common sense succeeding in getting out of your way effectively performing their job successfully. The (I), (D), and (R)'s signifies zero if the individual behind the political party desires nothing besides control. Vote with your good common sense not just your party affiliate and sincerely observe your world soar with limitless liberties and freedoms.

      Websters dictionary definition defines liberalism as "a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual, parliamentary system of government, nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor, and government guarantees of assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor, and the government guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties." But the obviously empty words from a book has not coincide with reality. Liberalism today associates itself with tyranny, special interest and socialism supressing freedom it's supposed to inspire. Liberal intellectuals hand crafted a new vision for achieving economic and social justice. Their agend is influenced by Keynesian economic theory envisioning massive public investments that would speed economic growth, thus providing the public capital to fund larger welfare, housing, health, and educational programs.

      Labor unions are central elements of liberalism, operating through the New Deal Coalition. They support the growing working-class labor unions, and sometimes the socialist to their left. During F.D.R's reign The New Deal consisted of three types of programs designed to produce "relief", recovery and reform. Relief was an effort to help the people hardest hit by depression. Roosevelt expanded Hoover's FERA work relief program, adding the Civilian Conservation Corps, Public Works Administration and starting in 1935 the Works Progress Administration. in 1935 the Social Security Act and unemployment insurance programs were created. Seperate programs were created for relief in rural America, such as the Resettlement Administration and Farm Security Administration. Recovery involved "pump priming" in which the government pushed for greater spending in an effort to increase farm prices and foreign trade by lowering tariffs. Reform was derived on the assumption the depression was kindled by the fundamental instability of the market and that government intervention was necessary to justify and support the economy, and to adjust the interest of farmers, business and labor. Reform methods included the National Industrial Recovery Act, regulation of Wall Street by the Securities Exchange Act, the Africultural Adjustment Act for farm programs, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Insurance for bank deposites executed through the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, and the 1935 National Labor Relations Act.

      Liberals created a powerful labor-liberal alliance with strong grassroots support, aggressively well-funded organizations, and a infrastructer of support in Congress. On the labor side was the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the government side the Congress of Industrial organizations (CIO), which eventually merged into the AFL-CIO in 1955. Walter Reuther of the UAW was the leader of liberalism in the labor movement, and his autoworkers lavishly fund the cause. Liberals are committed to a significant goal of economic growth that welcomes large near-momopolies such as General Motors and ATT. The membership of unions in the public sector, such as teachers, police, firefighters, and city workers continues to rise, now blanketing 42% of local government workers.

      The Democrats and liberal Republicans remain firmly against our Founding Fathers Constitutional America. People like George Soros are not just another simple minded billionair with whom Americans should shoo away like an annoying little fly. He is undoubtable an active force to be reckond with. Today America is merging into a massive oppressive plantation, similar to the Company Union Stores of the 1920's. Your complete dependence upon the government to hold your hand signifys they own your life. Always remember that a government massive enough to furnish all you desire is also powerful enough to snatch it all away.

      As you do your outstanding hard work as a respectable citizen of the United States you are given choices as to whom you will allow to represent you. Democrats and liberal Republicans only have their special interest at heart perpetually ripping apart the Constitution creating substantial room for a tried and truely failed socialist utopia. A utopia without individual freedom of religion and your God given inalienable rights, natural rights were the government owns all land deeming you the taxpayer is unfit and are their surfs to which they are obligated to regulate and conrol. Or you could choose a responsible individual to humbly join the government who firmly believes in a government of Constitutional Republicanism established upon the principles of self-reliance which requires the highest integrity from its citizens.

      The forsaken knowledgeable individual who understands his/her rights under the Constitution will be the one who will never relinquish, never surrender and tyranny is never an option. In only experiencing genuine freedom devoid of selfish egocentric socialist chaotic rules can your moral soul remain intact. Every individual has the ability to distinguish right from wrong and with the age old motherly question asked of you, "if everyone else was jumping off the bridge would you?" You must choose your own path wisely, your own individual destiny; never allowing yourself to get lost within not what you have allowed yourself to become. Question everything allowing your consciousness to clear and the revelations to flow within.

      How does America get back to a Constitutional Republicansim? By rolling up our sleeves and participating in the hard work of disassembling each oppressive regulation and selfish special interest program! Washington D.C. is filled to the brim with power ravenous people diminishing our hopes for responsible leadership. But their are beginning signs of stars within the fray. Seek them out, hold them high for all to see, giving them full support and advise. Focus on their character, how they perform their responsibilities and their audacity to impede the socialist machine. Its never to late mature into a responsible citizen severing the liberal media puppet strings.




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