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When 140 Characters Isn't Enough

we all can see ,

how its supposed to be,

from sea,

to shining sea.


But what about the left?

annoying as a pest,

thinking socialism is the best,

commies like all the rest.


sitting around thinking,

while the world is sinking,

never blinking,

having another beer summitt drinking.


the bullshit swirls all around,

communism bound,

while Independents don't make a sound,

sticking their heads in the ground.


Only the Tea Party will fight,

with every ounce of might,

regular people's plight,

and never losing sight.


we will never sleep,

we will never creep,

our patriotism is soul deep,

our freedom we will keep.


so liberals be on the lookout,

we will be on the march,

its not very hard to defeat you,

all pansies are afraid of the dark.

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