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The New & Reduced TCOT BLOG...How, Why & Whatever

The tcotblog was started for only one allow twitterers to post a tweet that was longer than 140 characters or to post entire blogs, discussions, videoes or pictures and easily share a link to it on twitter. Even though I am not associated in any way with Top Conservatives on Twitter, when they started to have access problems to their membership lists, I offered to keep my own tcot list database and also added other related databases that fellow conservatives may find useful. I did this because I personally found that it is so much easier to add tcot followers to my account that way rather than using even the original tcot list. At first I shared them on #FF a handful at a time but that was time consuming. Now I let the database do the work for me. I do update the database with data from tcot once or twice a year. But they have never shared their data with me. I get it from their website and I manipulate the data until I have it in the format I need for my database. It is a tedious process and I do it simply as a gift to fellow patriots.

When I originally created the ning site, it was a free service of ning. They have decided to charge now. That is their right. To continue the site as it was would have cost $20.00/ much as the reduced member site will cost for an entire year. In other words, the plans they offered was very reasonable for groups of 150 or less but if you had over 150 members, they wanted 12 times the monthly charge. Someone suggested that I ask for money using a PayPal account like many other sites have done. I don't believe in begging for money. Many people do it and that's up to them..I won't.

I felt that there were many people who were members that didn't really use the site for the reason it was intended. In fact that is how I reduced the numbers...I went through each member's page to see if they were participating or not. If I felt their participation was absent or half-hearted, their account was suspended. And for members who joined in the last 6 months, nothing was done. So only if a member who had been a member OVER 6 months and weren't using the network to post blogs or discussions or even just befriending other members were eliminated. So please don't feel like anyone lost anything here...they didn't. I removed people who were not using the network.

Why didn't I go to a purely blogging site like wordpress or blogspot or even facebook? They simply didn't offer the type of overall options ning does nor offer the privacy controls I demand.

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Comment by JadedByPolitics on August 29, 2010 at 6:07am
Ok so lets move on and TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!

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